Covid-19 Statement

As events around the world continue to unfold concerning the coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves together in a set of unusual and difficult circumstances. How we choose to embrace the challenges that lie ahead will likely become the legacy of our generation; a defining moment that could have a profound impact on our planet.

Your Health

Our top priority is everyone’s health and wellbeing. We highly recommend people everywhere follow the health and travel advice of relevant authorities like the WHO.

COVID-19 regulations for travel

For those set to travel soon, please remember to check with your government travel advisories as well as your international airline carrier regarding COVID-19 test requirements for travel to East Africa. The information is changing regularly.


We recommend that guests apply for visas online well in advance of travel, to minimize time spent in the airport. Guests can visit our website before arrival for access to everything they need to know about our custom itineraries. This includes food menus, videos, points of interest and so much more. Medevac is available at our lodges and camps at an additional charge. There are reputable hospitals in Arusha (Selian Lutheran Hospital) and Dar es Salaam (Aga Khan) should guests need further medical attention.

Upon Arrival

employees will wear a face mask or visor in guest areas. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout. A welcome briefing will be held at a safe distance. As far as possible, check-in and check-out timings will be spaced out, and maybe amended to leave enough time for thorough sanitization of the room.

During Your Stay

Permission will be sought from guests to handle their luggage. All hard luggage and handles will be disinfected before being handled by a housekeeper. Luggage will be delivered alongside guests to ensure the guest is the first person to enter the room after sanitation. Guests will be asked to sanitize before and after entering the gift shops, markets, and curios. Guests will be limited to one group at a time. Credit card online payments will be preferred instead of cash, if possible.
We understand that the recent news and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 situation may have caused you to worry about your travel plans and future travel options. Whether you have a safari booked or are planning upcoming travel, we promise to do our best to support you and keep you safe. We all look forward to welcoming you on safari with warm hospitality.

Get Started

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