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Tanzania is our home and safari is a way of life around here. We know its best-kept secrets and we had them tested and tried out. We intend to give you the finest of safari experience Tanzania has to offer.

Safari Super-star

Serengeti National Park

When we think of Africa, many of us–old Africa hands and armchair dreamers alike–think of the Serengeti. For excellent, accurate reasons.

Something of Miracle

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

An earthly masterpiece, something of a miracle, the Ngorongoro Crater is thronged by enrapturing African beasts, protected and blessed by nature.

Elephant Haven

Tarangire National Park

This is a protected area of colossal baobabs, grassy plains and huge herds of elephant. One of few parks with less traffic, more space and exclusivity.

Unique Wilderness Experience

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara is the beautiful home of mega-throngs of flamingos, as viewers of Out of Africa will know, and want to see for themselves.

Best Kept Secrets

Ruaha National Park

Prolific game, extraordinary birdlife and diverse vegetation meet against a dramatic topographical backdrop.

Right in the center of the country

Nyerere National Park

The Nyerere National Park (part of Selous Game Reserve) is a picturesque, unique and pristine safari destination and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the oldest and largest protected nature reserve in Tanzania.

Chimp Haven

Gombe National Park

There are truly wild places in Tanzania, Gombe National Park is one of them

The Spice Island


Zanzibar, the legendary Spice Island entrepôt, politely lures us with its white sand beaches, quietly jazzy resorts, and its historic Stone Town.

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