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For all the independent globetrotters out there, this one’s for you! While there’s a common perception among travelers that safaris are meant for honeymoons or special occasions, an African safari is also the perfect solo trip. Unlike traveling alone in cities, which requires figuring out everything from how to get around to where it’s safe to walk alone at night, on safari, everything is taken care of. Especially for the female solo traveler, Tanzania is very safe and accessible. Here’s why: safaris are all guided, meaning you are never truly alone — you will always have one of our guides with you. This is also true for any Mount Kilimanjaro trek.

Overall, solo travel in Tanzania affords you so much more time to observe and absorb, reflect and analyze. While traveling with others can be fun, you are constantly engaged. Traveling alone, sitting quietly, you have the freedom to watch, listen, and contemplate your surroundings. It heightens your senses — you will notice the smallest details that might otherwise elude you. There’s no better way to stretch your mind than by setting off on your own to a place you’ve never been, encountering new cultures, landscapes and cuisines — perhaps even attempting to communicate in Swahili? Your inner journey is richer when taken solo.

Experiencing Tanzania’s wilderness and wildlife as a solo traveler can be easier than you think, and it is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and to get to know the local people. Spending your safari with your own guide in your own 4WD gives you great flexibility and the closest possible insight into their knowledge of the wildlife and culture. It also means that you won’t have to compromise on what you want to do. Have a love for hippos? Your guide will bring a picnic to enjoy next to them. Want to follow a herd of elephants for hours — go right ahead! This is Tanzania solo travel at its finest, and it’s only possible because we customize every single tour.

A key reason the country is so good for single travellers is that it’s possible to join up with other solo adventurers, couples, and small groups on set itineraries.This really helps bring down the cost – the more people in a safari vehicle, the less expensive a day on safari is!

If you don’t want to join up with others for your whole safari it’s okay , Instead, we’ll put together a trip to suit only you. As a solo traveler, you will appreciate the gentle warmth and hospitality of the Tanzanian people and the fact that the country is safe and 100% geared to tourism


Northern Highlights Safari

The highlight of this short Tanzania safari is the big cats & big 5. The tour will include a visit in one of the Masai village at Ngorongoro highlands.


The Journey Of Migration

Greate package Ideal for seeing the wildebeest migration from November until June. And ideal all year for witnessing the resident herds in Serengeti.


Wildebeest River Crossing - 9 Days

Few sights in the animal kingdom illustrate life’s bloody struggle in a more visceral way than the great migration crossing the crocodile infested Mara River.

Luxury Nothern Safari - 9 Days

This is a great little itinerary for those that are a little short on time and possibly short on funds! Ideal for seeing the wildebeest migration from November until June.


Basic Photography Safari - 5 Days

This photographic safari will let you experience the wildlife, nature, fauna and flora in their natural habitat in different northern Tanzania national park.


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